TI C2000 Microcontroller

I learned C2000 microcontrollers from my teacher Dan Block at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. If you would like to learn it, please check this website and his YouTube channel. To learn C2000 deeper, such as SYS/BIOS, you can check EmbeddedAdvantage. Of course, nothing is more useful than the official TI datasheets, technical reference manuals, etc.

TI C2000 Microcontrollers w/wo TI-RTOS (SYS/BIOS)
The Essential Guide for Developing With C2000 Real-Time Microcontrollers
C2000 SysConfig
Getting Started with the MCAN (CAN FD) Module
Microcontroller: TMS320F28027, TMS320F2837xD, TMS320F2838xD, etc
Software: Code Composer Studio (CCS), SysConfig, UniFlash
Library: Bare-Metal Programming, Driverlib, C2000Ware
Debugger: XDS200 (JTAG)

TI Microcontrollers and Microprocessors

Notes on C2000 Real-time Microcontrollers
  • It is convenient to use TI-RTOS with GUI for TMS320F2837x microcontrollers
  • TI recommends FreeRTOS instead of TI-RTOS for TMS320F2838x microcontrollers
  • It is important to know Drivelib before using FreeRTOS on C2000 microcontrollers

  • Important Learning Points of C2000 Microcontrollers
  • Direct, Bit Fields, Driverlib
  • System Clock, Timer Interrupts
  • GPIO Write/GPIO Read with Polling or External Interrupt
  • ADC Single/Multiple Channel(s) with Polling, External Interrupt, DMA, Timer Trigger

  • Important Learning Points of TI-RTOS for C2000 Microcontrollers
    TI-RTOS Kernel (SYS/BIOS) User Guide
    System Analyzer User Guide
    TI Network Developer Kit User Guide
    TI Network Developer Kit API Reference Guide

    There are 16 (0-15) priority levels of Task, Swi on C28x
    There are 32 Event Ids that can be used by each Event object.
  • Idle (background, single priority level 0)
  • Task (creation, delete, sleep, yield, priority)
  • Semaphore (creation, post, pend from Hwi, Swi, Task)
  • Mailbox (creation, post, pend, fixed buffer size)
  • Event (“semaphore with conditions”, creation, post, pend, w semaphore)
  • Mutex
  • Queue
  • Clock (creation, w semaphore, event)
  • Swi (priority, preemptible, w semaphore)
  • Hwi (non-preemptible, priorities set in silicon, timer, w semaphore)
  • Runtime Object Viewer (ROV)
  • Unified Instrumentation Architecture (target side, log print, live session)
  • RTOS Analyzer (host side, execution graph, CPU load, task load)

  • TMS320F2837xD Programming Documents
    C28x Data Types
    C28x Boot ROM and Peripheral Booting
    C28x Memory Map
    C28x PIE Channel Mapping
    C28x GPIO and Peripheral Muxing
    TMS320F2837xD Delfino Microcontrollers Datasheet
    TMS320F2837xD Microcontrollers Technical Reference Manual

    TMS320F2838xD Programming Documents
    TMS320F2838x Pin Attributes
    TMS320F2838x Memory Map
    TMS320F2838x PIE Channel Mapping
    TMS320F2838x GPIO and Peripheral Muxing
    TMS320F2838x Real-Time Microcontrollers With Connectivity Manager Datasheet
    TMS320F2838x Microcontrollers Technical Reference Manual

    C2000 TMS320F2838x Microcontrollers (Copyright to TI)
    TMS320F2838xD Functional Block Diagram (Copyright to TI)

    C2000 Programming Reference Website
    C2000 Software Guide
    TI C2000 Microcontroller Forum

    Fun Project Gallery
    Coming soon …

    A Collection of TI C2000 Microcontroller Boards I have used

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