Comparison of TI MCUs and STM32 MCUs

TI Microcontrollers

MSP430: G2553, F2272, F5529, etc
C2000 real-time: F28375D, F28379D, F28386D-Q1, F28388D, etc
ARM-based: AM243x, AM263x, AM273x, MSP432x, etc

Direct (Direct Register Access): bare-metal programming
Bit Field: register access whole or by bits
DriverLib: high-level and feature-oriented APIs

Copyright to TI

STM32 Microcontrollers

ARM-based: STM32G4x, STM32F4x, STM32F7x, STM32H7x, etc

LL (Low Level driver): bare-metal programming
CMSIS (Common Mcu Software Interface Standard): generic tool interfaces
HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer): high-level and feature-oriented APIs

STM32 Mainstream and High Performance Microcontrollers (Copyright to STMicroelectronics)
Coding & DebuggingCode Composer StudioSTM32CubeIDE
PinMux SettingSysConfig IDESTM32CubeMX
ProgrammerUniFlash, C2ProgSTM32CubeProg
Real-time DiagnoseRTOS Analyzer
Runtime Object Viewer
LibraryDirect, Bit Fields, DriverLibLL, CMSIS, HAL
DebuggerXDS100v2, XDS2xx USBST-LINK/V2, V3
Peripheral (Sensing & Control)ePWM, eQEP, eCAP, SDFMPWM, Camera Interface
Peripheral (Communication)USB, CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, SSI, FSI, SPI, McBSP, SCI/UART, I2C, Ethernet, EtherCAT@USB, CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, SAI, SPI, USART/UART, I2C, Ethernet
Peripheral (Other)CLB
Development BoardLAUNCHXL-F28379D, TMDSCNCD28388D, MSP-EXP432E401Y, LP-AM243, LP-AM263, etcSTM32F4DISCOVERY, NUCLEO-F767ZI, STM32F769I-DISCO, etc