Comparison of TI MCUs and STM32 MCUs

TI Microcontrollers

MSP430: G2553, F2272, F5529, etc
C2000 real-time: F28375D, F28379D, F28386D-Q1, F28388D, etc
ARM-based: AM243x, AM263x, AM273x, MSP432x, etc

Direct (Direct Register Access): bare-metal programming
Bit Field: register access whole or by bits
DriverLib: high-level and feature-oriented APIs

Copyright to TI

STM32 Microcontrollers

ARM-based: STM32G4x, STM32F4x, STM32F7x, STM32H7x, etc

LL (Low Level driver): bare-metal programming
CMSIS (Common Mcu Software Interface Standard): generic tool interfaces
HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer): high-level and feature-oriented APIs

STM32 Mainstream and High Performance Microcontrollers (Copyright to STMicroelectronics)
Coding & DebuggingCode Composer StudioSTM32CubeIDE
PinMux SettingSysConfig IDESTM32CubeMX
ProgrammerUniFlash, C2ProgSTM32CubeProg
Real-time DiagnoseRTOS Analyzer
Runtime Object Viewer
LibraryDirect, Bit Fields, DriverLibLL, CMSIS, HAL
DebuggerXDS100v2, XDS2xx USBST-LINK/V2, V3
Peripheral (Sensing & Control)ePWM, eQEP, eCAP, SDFMPWM, Camera Interface
Peripheral (Communication)USB, CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, SSI, FSI, SPI, McBSP, SCI/UART, I2C, Ethernet, EtherCAT@USB, CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, SAI, SPI, USART/UART, I2C, Ethernet
Peripheral (Other)CLB
Development BoardLAUNCHXL-F28379D, TMDSCNCD28388D, MSP-EXP432E401Y, LP-AM243, LP-AM263, etcSTM32F4DISCOVERY, NUCLEO-F767ZI, STM32F769I-DISCO, etc

ROS2 for Robotics

Polaris GEM e2 User Manual by Hang Cui

Polaris GEM e2 powered by AutonomouStuff, LLC

Automotive 4D Imaging Radar

A collection of latest automotive 4D imaging radar technologies from Texas Instruments and NXP Semiconductors.

Automotive Radar Companies

FMCW mmWave Radar Webinars
TI mmWave Radar Development Board
NXP mmWave Radar Development Board

Automotive mmWave Radar Sensors of Texas Instruments
AWR2243 76-GHz to 81-GHz Transceiver
AM2732 Radar Microcontroller

Copyright to TI

Automotive Radar Systems of NXP Semiconductors
TEF82xx 77 GHz RFCMOS Transceiver
SAF85XX 77 GHz RFCMOS Automotive Radar One-Chip SoC
S32R294 Radar Microcontroller
S32R41 High-Performance Processor for High-Resolution Radar
S32R45 High-Performance Processor for Imaging Radar

Copyright to NXP, CubTek, Amotech, Smartmicro